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MelroseTEC provides innovative technology solutions for business, government, and media entertainment clients. We partner with our clients to design and deliver timely, cost-effective, and quality technology solutions that help them succeed. We guide our customers through project planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.


Remote Workflows

Like many businesses, you may find yourself needing an IT solution that isn’t something you can get out of a box. Not all problems can be solved by a one-size-fits-all service, especially when it comes to customized software, unique cutting-edge hardware, high-performance requirements, and specialty integration. Unlike other IT outsourcing companies, we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to every client.

Storage Solutions

Major Studios, Networks, Post Houses, and Corporate Clients are looking to radically simplify enterprise file data management. With an explosion of high-resolution content and unstructured data sprawl, real-time content management is becoming a serious challenge with the associated increase in file sizes.

MelroseTEC creates workflow solutions for Network Attached Storage (NAS), Shared Area Network (SAN) and Object Sorage, and Cloud Storage using technology-leading products from Qumulo, Quantum, AVID, PacStorage, EditShare, GB Labs and Spectralogic with these features:

• Intelligent multi-tiered storage solutions with primary storage, object storage, or public cloud
• Data protection for physical, virtual, and cloud environments
• High-speed access to shared data across hybrid environments
• Increase productivity and increase ROI


Melrose solutions include Cloud products, Cloud Services, and Cloud deployments. When creating a Cloud solution, It may be:

• On-Premise cloud that is managed by your in-house team of engineers
• Hybrid Cloud that is managed by the MelroseTEC service team
• Mixture of on-premise and private cloud for the best of business workflow solutions.

When moving your workflow to the Cloud, there are certain criteria to look for:

• Does it support a wide range of applications?

• Are the applications secure?

• Does it provide predictable performance?

• Does it provide predictable performance, and is it flexible to grow?

TEC Lab & Proof of Concept

MelroseTEC partners with our customers to offer customized technology solutions that create and improve our customers’ technological infrastructure. Our team of 14 engineers can build, test, and validate proofs-of-concept for proposed workflows and solutions, working in our proprietary engineering TEC Lab. MelroseTEC creates and implements quality solutions for the ever-changing industry.

Design Engineering

MelroseTEC provides clients with customized architectural consulting for large-scale technical facilities to create infrastructure or improve an existing facility. We provide a one stop shop for facility consultation, design engineering, implementation and integration services. Our engineers specialize in developing and configuring the best possible workflow using the latest technology bring our clients the largest and biggest return on investments. We are the client’s trusted source efficiency multiplier that communicates to the architect, General Contractor and sub-contractors to share and ensure the client’s end vision is translating and coordinated between all the different construction trades.


Cabling Infrastructure

MelroseTEC has in-house custom wiring specialists who will help you design, install, and maintain commercial or private studio environments. We offer a multitude of solutions including facility consultation and planning, design engineering, initial cabling implementation, and wiring solutions for server rooms, edit bays, ProTools audio wiring, office retail, security entry wiring, live events, and any custom cabling our clients require.


Case Studies and Tech Sheets

At the heart of MelroseTEC are our clients. Our team takes great care in providing industry-class support and solutions for companies across North America in the media and entertainment industry, government, sciences, professional sports, gaming, and house of worships.

Our Clients


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