OWC U2 ShuttleOne NVMe U.2 Internal SSD

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Affordable High-Performance U.2 SSD

The OWC U2 ShuttleOne brings U.2 SSD performance and capacity to the mainstream with an affordable U.2 SSD perfect for performance enthusiasts, IT admins, M&E pros, gamers, and more. Whether you have a U.2 bay equipped server, workstation, gaming rig, or external drive; the OWC U2 ShuttleOne SSD gives you access to a new world of storage possibilities.

Full Metal for Full Reliability

Every time you handle the OWC U2 ShuttleOne SSD, you’ll be pleased you bought the best quality U.2 SSD available. Its full metal housing solidly protects your drive and data, while providing cooling that’s superior to drives made with other materials or thinner metal. Don’t settle for a lesser solution that will result in throttling your drive’s speed just to keep the heat down... the OWC U2 ShuttleOne SSD was specifically designed to deliver complete drive reliability.

U.2 Flexibility from the U.2 Leader

The OWC U2 ShuttleOne gives you the flexibility to retask an existing NVMe M.2 drive after an upgrade or use a new drive with higher storage capacity. As the leader in U.2 storage, OWC offers the broadest choice of use options For All Computerkind™:


Change out game load drives quickly while keeping an extra heat source from resting directly on your motherboard by installing the U2 ShuttleOne SSD in an open U.2 2.5-inch bay or connected to a U.2 port on the motherboard with a U.2 power/data cable.

IT Admins

Boost your bottom line and lower your server room or data center TCO by using the affordable ShuttleOne NVMe U.2 SSD with its thermally efficient design.

Performance Enthusiasts/System Builders

Add blazing fast and highly affordable storage to your computer's U.2 equipped bay. If you're building a system and it has a U.2 port on the motherboard, you can create a U.2 enabled drive bay with a U.2 power/data cable. You can also use the U2 ShuttleOne SSD externally with a wide variety of OWC solutions that offer one or more U.2 bays.


With the affordability of the U2 ShuttleOne SSD, you can create fast access storage archives for individual clients or large projects as well as off-site data backups.


Capture: Record it all faster, easier, and more affordably with U.2 capable digital capture systems. Now you can use a single drive without any special card reader needed and get faster performance, more capacity, and a superior cost per GB ratio vs digital media cards.

Ingest, Duplicate, and Ship to Post Workflow: Dramatically lower ingest time and cost with a single high-performance drive. Shipping costs to post-production are also significantly reduced when you utilize a U.2 bay equipped PC or OWC solution on both ends of the workflow.

Beyond Fast

This impressive SSD has speeds tested up to 3,400MB/s. The OWC U2 ShuttleOne SSD has the chops to make your dream of mind-blowingly fast speeds a new reality!

Box ContentsOWC 2TB U2 ShuttleOne NVMe U.2 Internal SSD
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)6.05 x 4.45 x 1.4"
CertificationsRoHS, as per Manufacturer
Endurance (Total Bytes Written)3470 TB
Flash ControllerPhison E12S
Flash Memory TypeSynchronous Tri-Level Cell (TLC)
Non-Recoverable Read Errors per Bits Read1 in 1016
Operating Humidity0 to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Read SpeedMaximum: 3400 MB/s
Storage Temperature-40 to 185° F / -40 to 85° C
WarrantyLimited 5-Year Warranty
Write SpeedNot Specified by Manufacturer


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